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Final Year Research Project Topics

The Design And Fabrication Of Mechanical Lawn Mower

THE DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF MECHANICAL LAWN MOWER CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION In this pass, cutting of grasses in the school, track or filed, Industries hotel, public centers, Agriculture lands etc. was done by machete or cutlass. This method of manual cutting not only was laborious but also time consuming as it is human effort... Continue Reading »

Factors Militating Against Human Resources Development. (a Case Study Of Enugu North Local Government)

FACTORS MILITATING AGAINST HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT.  (A case study of Enugu North Local government) ABSTRACT   The success of any enterprise depends largely on the effectiveness of its human resources in their work. The need for reappraising the manpower training and development in our organization is apparent. Therefore... Continue Reading »

Working Capital Management In A Management Firm

WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT IN A MANAGEMENT FIRM ABSTRACT This term paper goes into the analysis of the external reserves position in Nigeria it embodies the previous problems, current problems and future recommendation. It is of a great importance to the students of financial and business studies and those in economics. It is also a... Continue Reading »

Television Tobacco Adverts And Teenage Smoking Habit: ( A Survey Of Youths In Owerri Municipality

  TELEVISION TOBACCO ADVERTS AND TEENAGE SMOKING HABIT: ( A SURVEY OF YOUTHS IN OWERRI MUNICIPALITY ABSTRACT             This study is a survey on Television Tobacco Adverts and its influence on Teenage Smoking habit.  It uses the Youths in Owerri Municipality in Imo State of... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Privatization And Commercialization Of Government Owned Companies In A Depressed Economy Like Nigeria (a Case Study As Nnpc Enugu)

THE EFFECT OF PRIVATIZATION AND COMMERCIALIZATION OF GOVERNMENT OWNED COMPANIES IN A DEPRESSED ECONOMY LIKE NIGERIA  (A CASE STUDY AS NNPC ENUGU) ABSTRACT   This research work was carried out in a bid to examine the effect of privatization and commercialization of Government owned companies with case study as NNPC. Enugu, and... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of Online Clearance System

  DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ONLINE CLEARANCE SYSTEM ABSTRACT  Online clearance system is a research work that will help build an effective information management for schools. It is aimed at developing a system for making clearance after graduation hitch free. The designed software will serve as a more reliable and effective... Continue Reading »

Problems And Prospects Of Extending Insurance Services To The Rural Areas (a Study Of Oba In Anambra State)

PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF EXTENDING INSURANCE SERVICES TO THE RURAL AREAS (A STUDY OF OBA IN ANAMBRA STATE) ABSTRACT The interest to write in this particular topic “Problems and Prospect of Extending Insurance Services to the rural areas” grow out of the present significant roles of insurance industry in extending service... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Financial Institutions In The Development Of An Economy (a Case Study Of Nigerian Agricultural And Co-operative Bank, Ogui – Enugu)

THE ROLE OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN ECONOMY (A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN AGRICULTURAL AND CO-OPERATIVE BANK, OGUI – ENUGU) ABSTRACT   The banking system and financial institutions is one of the fastest growing and developing sectors of paramount importance in the Nigeria economy.  The role of the... Continue Reading »

Design And Construction Of A Refrigerating Unit

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A REFRIGERATING UNIT ABSTRACT           The design and construction of s refrigerating unit is handled from the knowledge of the working principles of laws of thermodynamics.           The size of the containing vessel... Continue Reading »

Phytochemcial Screening Of Citrus Peel

PHYTOCHEMCIAL SCREENING OF CITRUS PEEL ABSTRACT Citrus generally is one of the most important commercial fruit crops grown in all continents of the world.  Citrus importance is attributed to it’s diversified use and growing world demand. There is always an increased attention in bringing useful products from waste materials and... Continue Reading »

An Evaluation Of Managerial Supervisory Performance Apprisal System I N Nigeria (a Case Study Of Nitel Enugu)

AN EVALUATION OF MANAGERIAL SUPERVISORY PERFORMANCE APPRISAL SYSTEM I N NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF NITEL ENUGU) ABSTRACTS   The purpose of this research work is to have a detail evaluation of managerial supervisory performance appraisal system in Nigeria.           The Nigeria... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Financial Management In A Co-operative Organization (a Case Of Study Of Union Bank (plc) Enugu)


The Relevance Of Auditing In The Face Of Increasing Fraudulent Practices In Nigerian Public Service (a Study Of Ministry Of Health Enugu State)

THE RELEVANCE OF AUDITING IN THE FACE OF INCREASING FRAUDULENT PRACTICES IN NIGERIAN PUBLIC SERVICE (A STUDY OF MINISTRY OF HEALTH ENUGU STATE)   ABSTRACT Lack of understanding of the purpose of auditing among the society in general, especially the management ministry of health Enugu become the problem of the study. The objective was... Continue Reading »

The Bases For Market Segmentation In A Service Organization In Enugu Metropolis (a Case Study Of Etisalat Nigeria Limited)

THE BASES FOR MARKET SEGMENTATION IN A SERVICE ORGANIZATION IN ENUGU METROPOLIS  (A CASE STUDY OF ETISALAT NIGERIA LIMITED) ABSTRACT Today in the global market environment, there are many buyers, these buyers differ in one or more variable. Thus, the differences may include the wants, purchasing power, geographical location,... Continue Reading »

Promotion As A Strategic Instrument In The Sales Of Malt Drinks (a Case Study Of Guinness Nigeria Plc Enugu Metropolis)

PROMOTION AS A STRATEGIC INSTRUMENT IN THE SALES OF MALT DRINKS (A CASE STUDY OF GUINNESS NIGERIA PLC ENUGU METROPOLIS) ABSTRACT             This research project is a very crucial study for the Guinness Nig. Plc. The study was motivated by the necessity to establish the extent of... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Introducing Agricultural Mechanization Through Cooperative Societies (a Case Study Of Owerri North L.g.a Imo State).

THE EFFECT   OF INTRODUCING AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION THROUGH COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES (A CASE STUDY OF OWERRI NORTH L.G.A IMO STATE). ABSTRACT          The effect on Agricultural Mechanization may be interpreted either in positive or negative perspective. But for the purpose of this... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Microfinance Banks In The Alleviation Of Poverty In Nigeria. ( A Case Study Of Oha Microfinance Bank Ogui Road Branch, Enugu State)

ABSTRACTThis study explores the immense role of the microfinance banks in the alleviation of poverty in Nigeria. The researcher revealed that the rate at which rural dwellers deposit their money in their pillows rather than in microfinance banks is high. Data were collected through primary and secondary sources. As regarded to primary sources,... Continue Reading »

Accounting Information As A Tool For Decision Making In Business A Study Of Some

ACCOUNTING INFORMATION AS A TOOL FOR DECISION MAKING IN BUSINESS A STUDY OF SOME   ABSTRACT This work is an attempt ot re-emphasize the role of accounting information in ensuring good decision of business organizations. In this work, accounting information is seen as the only means by whicich the amagement of any business organization... Continue Reading »

Design And Implementation Of Online Banking System

DESIGN_AND_IMPLEMENTATION_OF_ONLINE_BANKING_SYSTEM CHAPTER ONE1.1 INTRODUCTIONDesign and implementation of online banking system, a case study of May fresh savings and Loans Bank Caritas University Branch.The greatest innovation that has taken place in the twentieth century is in the realm of information Technology. This is currently made... Continue Reading »

Comparative Estimation Of Ascorbic Acid Content In Some Ngeria Fruits Viz: (orange) Citrus Sinesis, (pineapple) Ananas Cosmosus

COMPARATIVE ESTIMATION OF ASCORBIC ACID CONTENT IN SOME NGERIA FRUITS VIZ: (ORANGE) CITRUS SINESIS, (PINEAPPLE) ANANAS COSMOSUS ABSTRACT   A comparative analysis of the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) content of some Nigerian fruits were carried out. The fruits analyzed were (Orange) Citrus Sinensis and (Pineapple) Ananas Cosmosus the... Continue Reading »

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