Final Year Research Project Topics

The Effects Of Good Public Relations Management On Productivity Of Data Textile Mill Asaba

THE EFFECTS OF GOOD PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGEMENT ON PRODUCTIVITY OF DATA TEXTILE MILL ASABA ABSTRACT This study was embraced upon o ascertain the impact of the effects of good public relations management on productivity. This study has a total of three chapters.         In chapter one, which is the... Continue Reading »

Effective Internal Control System As A Measure Of Fraud Prevention In The Public Service. (a Case Study Of Board Of Internal Revenue Enugu State).

EFFECTIVE INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEM AS A MEASURE OF FRAUD PREVENTION IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE. (A CASE STUDY OF BOARD OF INTERNAL REVENUE ENUGU STATE). PROPOSAL   The purpose of this study is to analyze the effectiveness of the internal control system of the board of internal Revenue Enugu State. It cannot be over emphasized here that... Continue Reading »

Newspaper And Television As An Agent Of Social Development (a Case Study Of Adaba Community.

NEWSPAPER AND TELEVISION AS AN AGENT OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT (A CASE STUDY OF ADABA COMMUNITY. ABSTRACT This work is designed to study how dwellers use Newspaper and Television messages to effect social change.         It is pertinent to note that Newspapers, though rarely find their  way into Adaba... Continue Reading »

Foreign Investment In Nigeria Under Structural Adjustment Programme (sap)

FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN NIGERIA UNDER STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT PROGRAMME (SAP) TABLE OF CONTENTS   Title Page Approval Page Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of contents   CHAPTER ONE 1.1              Introduction... Continue Reading »

Design And Construction Of A 12 Volts Authomatic Battery Charger

  DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A 12 VOLTS AUTHOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER ABSTRACT           A battery charger is an electrical device employed for charging batteries.  This batteries that are usually charged by battery changer are the storage battery charger are the storage batteries also... Continue Reading »

Employee Participation In Decision Making And Its Impact On Productivity (a Case Study Of Anammco.)

EMPLOYEE PARTICIPATION IN DECISION MAKING AND ITS IMPACT ON PRODUCTIVITY  (A CASE STUDY OF ANAMMCO.) ABSTRACT   The purpose of this study is to examine employees participation in decision making and its impact in ANAMMCO imited Enugu. To carryout this study, data were collected frm primary and secondary data. The main data... Continue Reading »

Design And Construction Of A Car Tracker System

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A CAR TRACKER SYSTEM ABSTRACT The purpose of this project is to design and construct a car tracker system with code using GSM. A good car attracts everyone including thieves. When it comes to the safety of cars, car owners should be very careful. These days, the market is flooded with many safety devices.... Continue Reading »

Project Topic

Project topics Nigeria assist final year students with quality, well researched, reliable and ready made project work. Our materials are recent, complete (chapter 1 -5, with references) and well written. Simply select your department, choose from our list of topics available and fill in your data to download Free Project Topics, Project Topics,... Continue Reading »

An Analysis Into The Causes Of Failure Of Small Scale Business Organisation In Enugu

AN ANALYSIS INTO THE CAUSES OF FAILURE OF SMALL SCALE BUSINESS ORGANISATION IN ENUGU ABSTRACT             An analysis into the causes of failure of Small Business Organisation in Enugu State is a topic chosen from the marketing field.          ... Continue Reading »

Proximate Composition And Analysis Of Cucumber And Spinach Leaves

PROXIMATE COMPOSITION AND ANALYSIS OF CUCUMBER AND SPINACH LEAVES ABSTRACT The proximate composition and analysis of cucumber and spinach leaves was to assess the nutritional value of cucumber and spinach leaves by analysis the amino acid profile and mineral constituents. The results showed that cucumber have the moisture content of... Continue Reading »

Adverstising As An Effective Promotional Tool In The Delivering Of Banking Service. (a Case Study Of Selected Commercial Bank In Delta Sta

ADVERSTISING AS AN EFFECTIVE PROMOTIONAL TOOL IN THE DELIVERING OF BANKING SERVICE. (A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED COMMERCIAL BANK IN DELTA STA\ ABSTRACT This study on “Advertising as an effective promotional tool in the delivering of banking services has tries to seek answer to the crucial question that plagues the memory of researchers... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Electronic Banking In Nigeria A Project Report Presented To The Department Of Banking And Finance, Institute Of Management And Technology (imt), Enugu – Enugu State In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement


The Problems And Prospect Of Value Added Tax (vat) (a Case Study In Enugu State)

THE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECT OF VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT) (A CASE STUDY IN ENUGU STATE) ABSTRACT   The topic value Added Tax, which was introduced in the year 1993, is a tax on consumption born by the final consumer by paying five percent (5%) on any valuable product whether local produced or imported.   The researcher data... Continue Reading »

Effects Of Motivation On Organizations Performance (a Study Of Mb-anammco Nigeria Limited)

EFFECTS OF MOTIVATION ON ORGANIZATIONS PERFORMANCE  (A STUDY OF MB-ANAMMCO NIGERIA LIMITED) ABSTRACT This research study “Effects of Motivation on Organization Performance” (A Study of MB- ANAMMCO Nigerian Limited, Nigerian Port Authority Plc) was conducted to further enlighten management that the attainment of success in... Continue Reading »

Survival Strategies Adopted By Small –scale Retail Outlets In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Eastern Shop Ogui Road Enugu)

SURVIVAL STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY SMALL –SCALE RETAIL OUTLETS IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF EASTERN SHOP OGUI ROAD ENUGU) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.       BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Strategies are an integrated programme, which an organization employs in order to achieve her objectives or the overall response... Continue Reading »

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