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Final Year Research Project Topics

Manpower Planning And Development As A Tool For Higman-power Training As An Aid To Management In Business Enterprises (a Case Study Of Emenite Nigeria Limited Enugu)her Productivity (a Case Study Of Flourmill Emene Enugu)

MAN-POWER TRAINING AS AN AID TO MANAGEMENT IN BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (A CASE STUDY OF EMENITE NIGERIA LIMITED ENUGU) ABSTRACT   The purpose of this research work is to evaluate how manpower training programme contribute in aiding management in achieving the organizational objectives or goals. It is equally believed that... Continue Reading »

Analysis Of Finanical Statements As An Aid To Meaningful Invest Decision Making ( A Case Study Of Investment Firms In Enugu State)

ANALYSIS OF FINANICAL STATEMENTS AS AN AID TO MEANINGFUL INVEST DECISION MAKING ( A CASE STUDY OF INVESTMENT FIRMS IN ENUGU STATE) ABSTRACT             The purpose of this research project was to find out how financial statement analysis service of our aid to meaning decision by... Continue Reading »

Effect And Evaluation Of Leadership Styles And Its Efficiency (a Case Study Of Emenite Nigeria Plc Enugu State)

EFFECT AND EVALUATION OF LEADERSHIP STYLES AND ITS EFFICIENCY (A CASE STUDY OF EMENITE NIGERIA PLC ENUGU STATE) ABSTRACT           Emphasis on leadership style and its effect has been a topic for regular discussion on the electronic media and newspaper by various government and academicians.... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Financial Sector In The Promotion Of Non – Oil Exports In Nigeria.

THE ROLE OF FINANCIAL SECTOR IN THE PROMOTION OF NON – OIL EXPORTS IN NIGERIA. TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page: --------------------------------------------------------------- Approval page: ---------------------------------------------------------- Dedication:... Continue Reading »

Onion Is Associated With Micro-organisms Which Are Capable Of Causing Spoilage.

ONION IS ASSOCIATED WITH MICRO-ORGANISMS WHICH ARE CAPABLE OF CAUSING SPOILAGE.   ABSTRACT           Onion is associated with micro-organisms which are capable of causing spoilage. Onions with rots were examined microscopically. A solution of it was made and the serial dilution of... Continue Reading »

Critical Analysis Of Fraud In Nigerian Financial Institution

Critical analysis of fraud in nigerian financial institution TABLE OF CONTENTS Certification Dedication Acknowledgement   Table of contents Chapter one Introduction 1.1        Statement of problem 1.2        Rationale of study... Continue Reading »

The Formation/registration Of A Co-operative Societies In Enugu State (a Case Study Of The Procedure Involved In Registering A Co-operative Societies In Enugu State)

THE FORMATION/REGISTRATION OF A CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES IN ENUGU STATE (A CASE STUDY OF THE PROCEDURE INVOLVED IN REGISTERING A CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES IN ENUGU STATE) ABSTRACT   This research project is a very crucial study for the formation of co-operative societies in Enugu metropolis.  From the history of co-operative... Continue Reading »

A Survey Of The Role Of Modern Office Equipment In Modern Offices In Enugu Urban 2

A SURVEY OF THE ROLE OF MODERN OFFICE EQUIPMENT IN MODERN OFFICES IN ENUGU URBAN 2 ABSTRACT The study reported herein was carried out to identify the impart of industrial training to the training of students secretarial with particular reference to the institute of management and Technology Enugu, Enugu State.   The study treated the... Continue Reading »

Consumerism In Nigeria (the Role Of Nafdac And Apocn)

CONSUMERISM IN NIGERIA  (THE ROLE OF NAFDAC AND APOCN) ABSTRACT             I embanked upon this study because of the increasing need to protect the interest of all consumers in Nigeria with the specific focus on the role of National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and... Continue Reading »

A Research Work Submitted In Partial Fulfiment Of The Requrement For The Awared Of Higher National Diploma (hnd) In

A RESEARCH WORK SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFIMENT OF THE REQUREMENT FOR THE AWARED OF HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (HND) IN ABSTRACT       Inflow generous is a macro topic in coming, which is inevitable of lexicon. It persistent increases in the general price cover of community. Also, it could be described as a situation... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Segmentation In The Target Marketing Of Nbl Plc In Enugu State

THE EFFECT OF SEGMENTATION IN THE TARGET MARKETING OF NBL PLC IN ENUGU STATE     ABSTRACT This research project is very crucial study of the effect of segmentation in the target marketing of NBL plc Enugu.   To solve the research problem primary and secondary data were collected.  The research instrument used in... Continue Reading »

The Effect Of Taxation As An Aid To Economic Development In Enugu State (a Case Study Of Nkanu West L.g.a)

THE EFFECT OF TAXATION AS AN AID TO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN ENUGU STATE (A CASE STUDY OF NKANU WEST L.G.A) Abstract The first need of any modern government is to generate enough revenue which is indeed the breath of its nostril” Thus taxation is by far the most significant source of revenue for the government.  The ideas... Continue Reading »

Effectiveness Of The Public Relation Increases Management In Tertiary Institution

EFFECTIVENESS OF THE PUBLIC RELATION INCREASES MANAGEMENT IN TERTIARY INSTITUTION ABSTRACT   The project considered the effectiveness of the public relation in tertiary institution with a focus in the institute of management and technology, Enugu. The study is divided into five chapters which consists of the introduction while chapter... Continue Reading »

Marginal Costing As An Essential Tool For Decision Making In A Manufacturing Company For Decision Making In A Manufacturing Company (a Case Study Of Anamco Enugu)


Evaluation Of Technical Services In Abia State Central Library Board, Umuahia.

ABSTRACT This study is on the Evaluation of Technical Services in Abia State Central Library Board, Umuahia. The study is divided into five (5) chapters. Chapter 1: It deals with the introduction/background of study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, scope of the study, significance of the study, definition of terms. Chapter... Continue Reading »

The Role Of Secretary As A Public Relation Officer

THE ROLE OF SECRETARY AS A PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER ABSTRACT   The desire to write on this particular topic. “The Role of Secretary as a Public Relation Officer grew out of the present significant roles secretaries play to ensure growth and stability of any organization they are working with and its relationship with the Public... Continue Reading »

An Analysis Of Impact Of Warehousing In The Efficient Distribution Of Toilet Soap (a Case Study Of Orange Drug.

AN ANALYSIS OF IMPACT OF WAREHOUSING IN THE EFFICIENT DISTRIBUTION OF TOILET SOAP (A CASE STUDY OF ORANGE DRUG.   ABSTRACT Every business will die if they don’t  every business will die or lose its grounds on the market if it does not recognise the effect of new trends. Business like typewriters have given way for the new... Continue Reading »

A Delphi Study On Management Information Systems (mis) Model For Decision-making In South-east Nigeria Universities

A DELPHI STUDY ON MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MIS) MODELFOR DECISION-MAKING IN SOUTH-EAST NIGERIA UNIVERSITIES ABSTRACTThe purpose of the study was to model Management Information Systems (MIS) fordecision-making by administrators of Universities in South-East, Nigeria. Seven researchquestions and seven hypotheses guided the study. The design... Continue Reading »

The Impact Of Organizational Structure On Management Effectiveness In Nigeria. (a Case Study Of Entraco Enugu)

THE IMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE ON MANAGEMENT EFFECTIVENESS IN NIGERIA. (A CASE STUDY OF ENTRACO ENUGU) ABSTRACT   This research work was conducted to find out the impact of organizational structure on managerial effectiveness of a named organization (ENTRACO). This research work on the chosen topic was deemed necessary by... Continue Reading »

A Comparative Study Of Public And Private Schools Students Performance In Shorthand In Enugu Metropolis ( A Case Study Of Enugu South Local Government Area

A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS STUDENTS PERFORMANCE IN SHORTHAND IN ENUGU METROPOLIS ( A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA ABSTRACT             The purpose of this study is to draw a comparison of public and private schools students performance in... Continue Reading »

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